Mutant Machines –MM- Mike (born Michael Silvester van der Giessen, c1976)

Known for bikes, being multiple classic moped-rally-champion and co-organiser of the Dutch DGR*, imbibling, a 24-carat smile, spontaneous travel, groupies and a love for anything that smokes on 2 wheels.

He built a reputation for turning, tacking and tweaking ‘sight-for-sore-eyes cases’ into monolithic race winners. He also shot fame with his less speedfocused units, often with a ‘oily-rag’ edge combined with stuff that feels a bit ‘outre’.

Take a hint from the name, MM is one such entity that has evolved into a rather different animal. It began life in the early 1990s as a pastime but morphed into something more expressive as time passed.

His meticulously unfinished aesthetic of scaffolding and plywood, the spit’n’sawdust kinda workspace epitomizes what is currently one of the Lowland’s most happening greasepits. Piedmont blues, filthy metals and occasionally oddball Tom Waits dominate the playlist.

The modus operandi is simple; to tweak & mutate his vehicles and finish them with a level of devotion that is often lacking in manspaces of this ilk.


* DGR: Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride – Global awareness-action meets picturesque Amsterdam. Smug smiks,tasty classics, custom iron and beaucoup de bonhomie.